Game Name: Neophyte: Koplio's Story
Type of game: Action RPG
Creator: Aliensoft and Microcosm Inc.
Game Copyright: Alien Software, 1999
Game content age rating: 8 and up (Unrated by ESRB)
Game Content indicators: Mild violence against Monsters and Humans. Usage of Magic, difficulty level

Type of guide: FAQ/Walkthrough
Author: Chaz5000
Guide copyright: Chaz5000, 2001
Guide content age rating: 8 and up
Guide content indicators: Discussion of Violence against monsters, Skeeters
Version Number: 1.00
HTML & Editing: Mike Young

Part 5 in a series of guides by Chaz5000 for games that hardly anyone cares about. This guide completes the trilogy of guides for the Neophyte series that Chaz5000 has done.

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Table of Contents:
Section 1: About the game
Section 2: Commands
Section 3: Hints
Section 4: FAQ
Section 5: Monster List

Section 1. About the game

There were three games in the Neophyte series. The first was an experiment to see what people's reaction to an action RPG for the PC would be, and was plagued with bugs. The third sported a quite different UI from the previous two - not bad, just different. The game between these two was the shortest, at least in shareware: Koplio's Story.
Koplio is a mage-in-training. The monastery he lives was just hit with an earthquake, and the front gate is blocked. The deeds he does are described below, in an original poem by Chaz5000.

He came upon some misplaced souls,
Like a bluebird he set them free.
Rescuing the harangued ghouls,
Rescuing not one but three.

Did some odd jobs even though
They were trapped inside
Aided the gard'ner also
And gave his brothers back their lives

Destroying evil machine
Turning monks into guards Horus
Vatimacio planned to glean
Victory with Armor of Gorus

He saved the day, along the way, helping his brothers
He became light in darkest light, his deeds are taught by others

But now you see, he never lied,
Read my Wanderin' Hamster guide!

Yaaaaaayy Chazzy!

Section 2. Commands

(From the rulebook)

F1 - Help Screen
F2 - Save
F3 - Load
S - Toggle Sound
M - Toggle Music
X - Hold Down to run
I - Inventory
Ctrl - Attack
Alt - Use tool
Space - Accept (reads books/signs, talks to townspeople, opens chests)
Esc - Menu, Exit Inventory

Button 1 - Tool
Button 2 - Inventory
Button 3 - Attack/Accept
Button 4 - Run

Section 3. Hints

1. Save frequently and save often
2. Being backed into a corner can be the best way to fight monsters
3. You CAN throw most of the rocks
4. The only weapon in the game is located at the foot of your bed
5. You can't help the gardener for the second time until a monk dies
6. There is a special spot to fight the final boss that is totally safe
7. When in doubt, use firebolt
8. If you get stuck, level up, then wander to every screen twice
9. Also check the bookshelves and talk to evryone
10. Listening to the Final Boss midi can help clear your head

Section 4: FAQ

Q: I just started the game. How do I leave the monastery?
A: Patience, Miss Parker, Patience-you don't until near the end

Q: Okay, what do I do instead?
A: Put some ghosts at rest, and prepare an explosive.

Q: What is the phrase on the shredded scroll?
A:  Fire Bolt: The Spell of Thrown Fury.

Q: How do I make the explosive?
A: Have you tried sipping some Classic DNA?

Q: No, will that work?
A: No. Go to the library(Find it yer own self), and look at the northeast bookshelf for a recipe for Explosive Potion. The recipe requires
Vinegar(Located in the room next to yours when you start),
Baking Soda(Located in kitchen),
Incense(Available in the chapel for the low-low price of free), and
Aruna Petal(Available from the big flower in the garden AFTER you help).
Put all of these in a bell in the tower(AFTER flipping the switches in this order-middle, east, west), and heat to boiling with a firebolt.

Q: Woohoo! I have the explosive potion. Where do I use it?
A: On the rockpile in the chapel.

Q: How do I help this ghostly trio?
A: Mara-Talk to her, then the Sensei, then look in the room across the hall from yours, on the bookshelf. Return to the tower & give her the letter.
Rupert-Talk to him, talk to the Sensei, get the skull from the garden, talk to Rupert once more.
The Builder-Talk to him, look at the cornerstone, talk to him, talk to the gardener 2X. After you leave the monastery though the secret passage in the library, pick up a glowing yellow flower when you pass that room. Go back to the gardener, and enter the shed. Get the chisel, look at the cornerstone, revisit the builder.

Q: What else is left after I get the Shili?
A: Go through the secret passage in the Library-To get there stomp on the tiles in the special order.

Q: What do I do after I enter the passage?
A: Follow the path until you reach the top of the waterfall. Then, carefully walk to the edge of the waterfall but DON'T FALL OFF. Climb onto the ledge at the edge, and continue on the path until you reach a dead end with the waterfall cascading near the bridge you saw earlier. Walk behind the waterfall and save.

Q: What's behind that door?
A: The boss and some Horde members. Beat the boss and you win!

Section 5: Monster List

Rat: In the early part of you quest, rats may prove to be a nuisance(Located in the caves).
Spider: The spider is quick and packs a venomous bite. Beware!(Located in the caves)
Fish: These water-dwelling creatures are usually pretty easy to deal with(Located only in water).
Giant Snail: It's a good thing these ugly beasts aren't quick. If they hit you, they can do quite a bit of damage(More cavedwellers).
Black Birds: They stay outdoors and in high elevations.(Dangerous in the first part, they become mellowed as you level up)
Snakes: These scaly critters bite with poison. Be careful or they'll take you out quick. (Yeah, 10-damage-a-hit-quick. Be VERY careful near them).
Horde:  Little is known about the awful creatures of the Horde. You'd better be well prepared before you face one of their kind (Yeah, like level 4. Only at the final boss).


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