Neophyte: The Spirit Master

The Story of Neika Mantru

Neika Mantru has just turned 15 and as is custom in her clan she must go into the outside world on a spirit quest.

But Neika is also the daughter of the clan’s healer, Daru.  Thus she has been charged with an even greater task than just bonding with her spirit self.  Daru has seen in a vision that a great evil has returned to the world.  She believes that her daughter is key in stopping this Evil.  Thus Neika must follow her spirit guide out of the forest and seek out those who can help her accomplish this great task.
Can you Neika, manage to bond with your spirit self while facing the great peril of leaving the safety of your village?  Will you be able to discover what this ‘Great Evil’ is that your mother has dreamt about and are you the key to helping prevent its return?  Will you find any as brave as yourself to help you accomplish this task so that you may return to your forest home?

Neophyte: The Spirit Master is the third shareware episode of the Neophyte saga and introduces Neika, a young warrior with some unusual abilities.  We're working on an entirely new game engine which will include the following features:
  • Faster graphics.  No more of the slowdown of the old engine; this allows for more responsive gameplay.
  • Better, More Exciting Fighting Mechanics.  Creatures with special powers, special moves for the main characters, and more.
  • True Multi-layer Maps.  Now we can have bridges and tunnels.  But, better yet, See that screen shot?  That dark, fully translucent, canopy moves at a different speed than the other layers for an incredible parallax effect that can only be seen to be believed.
  • Followers.  NPCs whom you can add to your party and will follow you and fight with you.
  • New Puzzles,  New Monsters, and a great New Story
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