Neophyte: The Journey Begins


" Countless years ago evil ruled the realms. Fierce monsters roamed the land causing chaos and destruction. People were helpless until The Goddess of Light looked down upon the world and fused the evil into the Orb of Salumain. Thereafter, the world entered an age of peace and prosperity.

 However, Orb was imperfect and caused its guardian to become evil and corrupt. After a great battle, the guardian of the orb was defeated by the hero Gorus, who was granted great powers by the Goddess of Light. Gorus' armor, sword, shield, and helm were distributed to monasteries across the world to be kept safe.

 A scant handful of years ago, the leader of the Monks, Vacmatio, also known as the Grand Malefactor, rose up and tried to take control of all of the Artifacts of Gorus. With the help of the evil Horde, he nearly succeeded, but was defeated and slain by Aliquis the Great of the Empire of Light.

 Peace returned to the world, at least for a time..."

You are Thael, a young man who has just entered the Age of Ascension. You live in a world of swords and magic, with your uncle, Aliqus. You are an orphan; your parents were killed by the menacing Horde, led by Vacmatio. Your Uncle has begun to train you in the arts of fighting, but you are still young, a NEOPHYTE warrior without even a sword.

 But today is unlike any other. Last night, the ruins north of town started to glow a sickly green. This can only herald the return of Vacmatio and his Horde. You awaken in your bedroom, and listen: your Uncle is calling. Hurry, NEOPHYTE, yours may be the only hands which can save us all!

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