Dark Summonings: The Uncivilized Guest

(Occult Adventure)

by Mike Young

The Uncivilized Guest is a four hour adventure-style LARP where the player characters have all been invited to a party, and something awful happens and the players need to solve the problem that occurs or, well, die trying. It is an introductory game to the world of Dark Summonings, and no knowledge of the world or the campaigns is needed to play in or run this game.

This game contains a complete GM manual with timeline and NPC sheets, and 12 pregenerated player characters with STATs. Players are welcome to create their own characters using the RTLB, and RTLB: Supernatural sourcebooks. Use the sample characters as examples.

You can download it here.

About Dark Summonings

Dark Summonings is a live action roleplaying setting of Occult Adventure set in the year 1926. Occult Adventure isn't exactly horror, although there are strong elements of horror in the genre. There is mysticism and magic and scary monsters and eerie situations, but overall the setting is more of an adventure campaign than a horror campaign.

Dark Summonings uses the Rules To Live By live action system, including both the core book, and Rules To Live By: Supernatural. There may be some modified rules in Dark Summonings. Rules To Live By is designed to be modified as the GM sees fit. Feel free to modify the rules as you see fit.

Dark Summonings is not currently scheduled to be published. Both Dark Summonings campaigns have ended.

What is Occult Adventure?

The Victorian age saw the advent of mysticism as a popular phenomenon. Seers, mystics, and charlatans all came to fame and popularity around the turn of the century. Organizations, such as the Golden Dawn, and the Thosophist Society allowed the common man access to the occult. However, the Industrial Revolution and the Great War (World War One) changed all that.

By the 1920s, peoples' belief in magic had been replaced by a faith in science. By 1926, the once popular occult lodges were sinking back into the shadows of society.

In the world of Dark Summonings, however, magic is real demonstrable and potent. And dangerous, very dangerous. The occult societies still sank back into the shadows, but that was because it was easier to operate from behind the scenes, to allow people the illusion that magic was a fiction. Then they could truly gather power.

Players in Dark Summonings encounter a number of societies all attempting to use magic and the supernatural for their own purposes. Some of these organizations are sinister, serving dark forces that wish to destroy or enslave humanity. Some of these organizations are beneficial, trying to aid humanity and protect the innocent. Most fall in between, simply trying to gather knowledge or attempting to use magic for mundane ends.

Dark Summonings: The Uncivilized Guest is Copyright 2003, Interactivities Ink, Ltd.  All rights reserved.  Permission is granted to copy and distribute this game as long as this notice is included in its entirety .  Contact: www.interactivitiesink.com,  mike@interactivitiesink.com.