Click for Large PicMarin County New Age Society Cocktail Party

Welcome!  It s time again for the monthly Society cocktail party.  Be the hit of the social scene!

But times are tough for the New Age Society.  Someone has been murdering Society members, and someone else has been robbing them blind.  A fun evening is in store...  If you can survive...

Marin County New Age Society is a four-hour live action roleplaying game for ten to fifteen players and two Game Masters.  It is a great game for a dinner party or as a live roleplaying game for a convention.  Marin County New Age Society is written to use Rules to Live By, but can be run without simply using the numbers for stats as guides for a GM fiat combat system.

Marin County New Age Society is written by Jim MacDougal, with additional material by Mike Young.  Cover by Lee Moyer.

The 88 page PDF contains:

Reviews of Marin County
RPGGeek Page (again)

Preview A Sample of Marin County. (Warning!  Contains game spoilers!)

Download the FULL Marin County Book. (Zip file includes game, and three bonus documents for printing paper props).

You will need Adobe Acrobat to read the documents.