(Time Breaks)

by Mike Young

We were given twenty four hours and three topics: The Illuminati, The Kaballah, and Enhanced Humans. We had to write a full LARP for 10 people that ran in 2 hours. It was intense, and scary, and a blast. I mananaged to squeek in right under the deadline, as did the other team. We both took a break and then I got to run first.

Both games were excellent, and mine won by a close margin. I tried a different approach to tell the story. As you can tell by the title, the game is about a rift in time. The characters have all lost some or part of their memories and they learn what is going on in flashbacks.

I strongly reccomend that the game run with two GMs so you can run two sets of flashbacks at the same time. Note that this game does contain some mature themes and is not reccomended for children. I'd give it at least PG-13 rating.

You can download it here.

Tempus Frangit is Copyright 2005, Interactivities Ink, Ltd.  All rights reserved.  Permission is granted to copy and distribute this game as long as this notice is included in its entirety .  Contact: www.interactivitiesink.com,  mike@interactivitiesink.com.