The Road Not Taken

The Road Not Taken

The Road Not Taken merges the format of Alleged Entertainment's 10 Bad LARPs with the serious concept of psychodrama. You are presented with a dilemma and all you can hear are the voices in your head. When you are lost in the yellow woods of your life, which road will you travel? This game deals with adult decisions and situations and is not recommended for minors. 2 hours. 1 GM.

In The Road Not Taken, players take turns facing a difficult decision with the rest of the players portraying the voices in their head who want to gide them in different directions. It can get a little intense.

The Road Not Taken: by: Mike Young. Winner of the LARPA 2008 Small Games Contest. Category LARPs of Size 5-12 players.
The Road Not Taken: Vanek Version: by: Aaron Vanek. First runner up of the the Belarus Larpwriter Challenge. The Vanek Version contains 12 new scenarios for The Road Not Taken. Run it as a standalone LARP or mix and match with scenarios from the original.
The Road Not Taken: En Español: Translated by: María Diz y Joan Redón. Thanks to María and Joan for translating The Road Not Taken to Spanish.
A Estrada Não Tomada: Em Português: Translated by: Tadeu Rodrigues. Thanks to Tadeu Rodrigues for translating The Road Not Taken to Portuguese.

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