Freely downloadable LARPs and More

Interactivities Ink proudly presents the following games free of charge.  You are allowed to distribute and run copies of the game as long as the entire copyright notice appears in the document.  You may not sell the games for profit without the express, written permission of Mike Young or Interactivities Ink.

Mike's Microgames

Most of these games take just a few minutes to set up and run.  Many are extremely silly.  Enjoy!

Abattoir: Nine cows learn the meaning of life and death.
Bell The Cat: Famous mice try not to die.
Combat Practice: Games to try while practicing for your live-combat LARP.
The Creeping Mould: A Party Game.
Enchanted Laundromat: Doing clothes at 3:00 AM.
Helga & Tamuz: A LARP Thought Experiment.
Inside Mike Young's Room: Terror, Adventure and Horrible Secrets.
The Other, Other, Other All Batman Game: Hey Batman, do you think we can trust Batman? I don't know, Batman; I saw him over there talking to Batman. La Paradoja Batman en Español por Marcos and Daniel (Max & Cousin).
A Game of Secret Societies: Another Party Game.
Sungglebunny Ring Wraiths: The game that started it all, written in negative five minutes.
Trick or Treat: "Who can that be, knocking on my door?" ... Truco o trato en Español por María Diz
You Are Drew's Pants: Be all that you can wear.