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December 2016:Just in time for the end of the year is a new version of the very first larp I wrote, Trapped. This version has dirt simple mechanics. You can get it here

October 2016:I continue to celebrate my semi-retirement from writing larps by releasing more free larps. This month, I have Intervention, an educational larp that teaches a method of non-violent intervention between harrassers and their targets. It is based on an illustration by French artist, Maeril. You can get it here

May 2016:Holy carp! Two months in a row? What is this, 2011? Spells Against The Magimundi is a fan expansion for Cards Against Humanity themed to the New World Magischola larp. Get the small square cards as a pdf here! Get individual jpgs of poker sized cards (with bleed) here!

April 2016:What? A new larp? Unpossible! Gunner & Sarge is a 45 minute long larp for exactly two players and no GM. Contains a soundtrack which must be played during the larp. Get it here!

December 2015:Due to its mention in The 2015 Wyrd Con Companion Book, I have made Colonel Sebastian T. Rawhide's Circus of the Spectacular available for free download. Get it here!

August 2015:Special thanks to Maria Diz y Joan Redon for translating The Road Not Taken to Spanish. Get it here!

June 2015: Meteor is now available from Mayday Games!

March 2015:An entirely new 1-2 hour larp. [Your Game Here] by [Your Name Here] is for 6-9 players and no GM needed. Get it here!

February 2015:I still have things to upload here! Yay! This month, it's Regriculous, a tongue in cheeck fan expansion for Agricola. Go here for more info.

November 2014:Apparently I have a backlog of games. This month, we have Gears Against Humanity, a steampunk version of Cards Against Humanity. Download the small square cards or jpegs of poker sized cards.

October 2014:Meteor is available on Kickstarter. See the box [no longer] above this for details. Dread the LARP Two by Mike Young and John Swann is now available for free download. It's a 2-4 hour horror LARP for 10 players, 1-2 GMs, and an optional NPC. Enjoy! Special thanks to The Impossible Dream for their game, Dread.

August 2014:Wow! Remember when I used to update this site every single month? No, me neither. I am still alive. I still write larps. Hey! Here's one now... K300: Kashalot is a Soviet submarine simulator! It was written by myself and Moira Parham and is for 6-10 players and 1-2 GMs. You can also download it from this page: Free 2-4 hour LARPs!

July 2013:Rules To Live By 2.0 is finally available. I produced this document many years ago for publication, but the company went out of business. It's been sitting in limbo ever since, because I didn't just want to put an unedited unformatted document up for download. Well, here it is anyway. Unedited and unformatted in full glory. Enjoy!

June 2013: Been a while, hasn't it? I have a new download, the one page summary for You are Your Own GM. It's a good little system for larps where you trust your players. RTLB 2.0 to follow in July.

November 2012: At this point, I probably should make it official. I am no longer doing a monthly download from this site. I was pretty good for the many years I did it, but nothing lasts forever. There will still be downloads, but they will be much less often. That being said, the November download is Choices, a set of new encounters for Atrkham Horror. You can get it here.

August 2012: Dread the LARP by Mike Young and John Swann is now available. It's a 2-4 hour horror LARP for 8 players and 1-2 GMs. Enjoy! Special thanks to The Impossible Dream for their game, Dread.

July 2012: Well, I had hoped to have Dread: The LARP up this month, but the stars failed to align. Hopefully soon though. Instead, I have updated Slash, the LARP to give it a good set of monster badges and also the Power Grid: New Power Plants document to make it more in line with the official bonus cards AND added the hydro locations suggested by Jonathan Madison.

May 2012: A new game is available at The Game Crafter. Can you Escape From Pirate Island?

April 2012: A LARP Thought Experiment! Helga & Tamuz is a five minute LARP, or rather two five-minute LARPs that make you wonder where the bounds between LARP and scripted improv fall.

March 2012: Another fan expansion for Dominion? Can it really be? Yes. Dominon needs more cards that cost Potions and I am here to provide. Get The Scrolls of Power, in our Card/Board game section.

Feburary 2012: The February addition to the Interactivities Ink page is up, really. I know, it's the beginning of the month and everything. This month, we present Meteor, a cooperative, real-time, non-turn based, resource management card game for 1-6 players. It has been in development for years and is an amazingly fun game. You can buy it at The Game Crafter.

January 2012: Happy New Year! Jim MacDougal's The Final Voyage of the Mary Celeste is available for download. Get it here, or by going to the in the free 2-4 LARPs page!

December 2011: Finally, after long last, I have Improved Farming & Disasters, a sort of duel linked fan expansion to Agricola. It adds a bunch of new cards, as well as new tiles to the game and disasters. You can get it here.

October 2011: As promised, a LARP. It's called Triple Blind and it ran to great acclaim at Intercon Mid-Atlantic. It is only one hour and requires exactly 9 players and no runtime GMs. Really.

September 2011: I entered a game design contest at The Game Crafter and the results are now for sale! Vehicles is a simple, quick worker placement game. It's a lot of fun and plays in about half the time as the more complex worker placement games like Agricola or Caylus. Next month, a larp. Promise!

August 2011: I've been going through the archives and have a new set of free downloadable cards to expand a game. The game in question is Apples to Apples and the card set is called LARPers to LARPers. The cards were made years and years ago, so they may be a little bit dated. Click on the cardset name or go here to download.

July 2011: It's update month at Interactivities Ink. I've updated Tempus Frangit and Marin County to correct a couple of errors and I've updated the two free Dominion fan expansions to change the names of some of the cards. Enjoy!

June 2011: Finally! At long last, Jim MacDougal's Marin County New Age Society Cocktail Party is available for download. Get it here, or by going to the in the free 2-4 LARPs page!

April 2011 redux: Stars aligned yesterday and the deluxe version of the Code Monkey card game is now available for sale at The Game Crafter. It comes printed on real playing card stock and comes with a make-your-own tuckbox! Enjoy!

April 2011: Several years ago back when I was regularly going to game industry trade shows I created a collectible business card game as a sort of advertisement effort. However, I created it too late and never actually used it. But thanks to my strategy of never throwing anything out, I can finally share it with you. Corporate Ladder can be downloaded from the Free Card/Board Game page or by clicking here.

March 2011: The March update is a new take on an old Mechanic. I have prettified the MENKS cards and made them available at The Game Crafter. See them in use in Colonel Sebastian T. Rawhide's Circus of the Spectacular or Phil Kelly's Other Other All Batman Game. You can buy them at the Game Crafter! Next month is up in the air. Maybe a new card game. Maybe new cards for an existing game. Maybe a LARP. You could e-mail me opinions if you want, but only the Shadow knows.

February 2011: The February download is an entirely new LARP, well sort of. It was written by Aaron Vanek and submitted to the Belarus Larpwriter Challenge. But it is an extension of my LARP, The Roand Not Taken. The Vanek Version contains 12 new scenarios and can be mixed with the orginial or played as a standalone game. You can get the pdf right here! Next month is a modern improvement to an old LARP mechanic.

January 2011: Happy New Year! The January download is an update to my print and play expansion for Power Grid. You can get the pdf right here! Thanks to Rick Weckermann for the city placement for Canada.

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