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You Need Drew's Truck

You have all this stuff.  And you need to get your stuff home.  The only problem is that you only have Drew's Truck to transport it all.  and only so much fits on the truck.  Can you be the first person to get your stuff home?  The first person to do so, wins!

 You Need Drew's Truck includes:
  Magnets?A colorful play mat
  Magnets?A shiny metal Drew's Truck
  Magnets?Forty Five Cards
  Magnets?Twenty Seven Magnets

You Need Drew's Truck now available!

Tired of writing the names of your destinations on scraps of paper?  Download these free reminder cards .  Download the document, print it onto cardstock, then cut out the six reminders.  Then keep the one with your destination in front of you during play.

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Because the game never forces you to play cards, it is possible to wreck the game by never playing and just drawing cards. Don't do this. But also, if you have 10 or more cards, you may not draw a card as your Action. Thanks to Joan Wendland of Blood and Cardstock games for the tip.