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A Grandiose Disaster:

Play through a scenario of a disaster or horror movie. A fun larp system with many scenarios. Each one takes about an evening at a home or could play in a slot in a gaming convention.

Available from NDP Designs and Drive Thru RPG.

The Compendium of North American Cryptids & Magical Creatures:

An illustrated guide to the cryptids & magical creatures of North America, including biology, diet, habitat, magical uses, and defenses. Indispensable for aspiring wizards studying at Magischola. Useful for dungeonmasters and monster-afficionados of all sorts. Some are cute, some are legendary, some are the stuff of nightmares.

Available from New World Magischola.


There is a storm of meteors heading directly toward our planet! Estimated time of impact is five minutes. We need to work together to destroy them all or the world will be blown to bits. Are you brave and resourceful enough to save our planet? If even one meteor gets through our defenses and hits the planet, life as we know it will be no more. Good luck citizens. Itís up to you.

Meteor is a real-time, cooperative, resource management card game. You need to work together building and launching rockets as the time ticks down and the meteors get closer and closer to destroying the planet. Will you blow up all the meteors in time? Only one way to know for sure.

Meteor plays as a real-time card game. Each player has a hand of cards and a build area (build areas are shared in the six player game). A number of meteor cards are placed in the center of the table. Players must co-cooperatively build rockets to launch at the meteors before the time runs out.

Available from Mayday Games and anywhere card games are sold.

Games For Sale at The Game Crafter

The following games can be purchased at The Game Crafter, an online retailer for card and board games. The cards are decent quality playing card stock and the boards are, well, decent quality playing card stock.

You can see samples of the games involved by clicking on their Game Crafter links. You can also read the rules at The Game Crafter as well.

The Aristocrats: The card game based on the famous joke. Easy to pick up and easy to play. 2-6 players. About 30 minutes. Warning: This game contains graphic descriptions of disgusting and perverted acts both sexual and scatological. It is not intended for children, the easily offended, the general public, or people who can't take a joke. $10.99 + shipping.
Code Monkey: Deluxe Edition. Welcome to another day at job. We all Code Monkeys. We all want win. To win, you must placate Boring Manager Rob and win heart of Pretty Receptionist. It not easy being Code Monkey. Maybe should Take Bath, Take Nap instead. This game comes with a bonus assemble-it-yourself tuckbox! It's keen. Based on the song by Jonathan Coulton. Code Monkey the Card Game made with permission of Jonathan Coulton and Len Peralta. 2-5 players. About 15 minutes (more for more players). $14.99 + shipping.
Escape From Pirate Island: You and your friends have all become shipwrecked on the dangerous Pirate Island. Now you all must work together to escape. Watch out! The island is teeming with hazards, from the treacherous Tall Peak to the deadly Raging River. Enemies abound on Pirate Island: Headhunters, Skeletons, and - of course - Pirates. There is hope. There is a rumor of a treasure buried on Pirate Island. If you and your friends can navigate through the hazards and avoid or kill the enemies, then maybe you can follow the treasure map and find the treasure. Then you could sneak aboard the pirate ship and Escape From Pirate Island! 1-6 players. About an hour. $35.99 + shipping.
IGOR: The Mad Scientist's Lament: Second Edition. In IGOR, players scramble to build devices, but are hampered both by the machinations of other players and their incompetent assistant IGOR. IGOR is represented by a special die, and will do something random for his Scientist every round. The first player to build ten victory points worth of devices, wins! 2-4 players. About 60 minutes. $24.99 + shipping.
Hamlet: A Game in Five Acts!: Second Edition. Suffer the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune. Hamlet: A Game in Five Acts is a strategy game where you and your friends are the voices in Shakespeare's head and are trying to get the play to end the way you want it to. 3-8 players. About 45 minutes (more for more players). $24.99 + shipping.
MENKS: Mike's Extremely Noisy Kombat System. Crash! Bam! Pow! A perfect combat system for your lighthearted live action roleplaying games. $8.99 + shipping.
Qwijit: Qwijit is a simple little abstract strategy game with two variations. The strategy is actually quite deep for such a small game. 2 players. About 10-15 minutes. $5.99 + shipping.
Re: Your Brains: 2-5 Heroic Humans are trapped inside a mall, surrounded by a ravenous zombie horde who want nothing more than to just eat their tasty, tasty brains. Can you survive the zombies and best your fellow humans and win the game, or will you be overrun by zombies and win the game as a new Zombie Master?. 2-5 players. About 30 minutes. $19.99 + shipping.
Vehicles: Vehicles is a small, fast worker placement game. Place your vehicles on different spaces and try to be the first to reach the goal. With different goals and improvements each game, the game can be different each time. 2-4 players. About 20-120 minutes. $24.99 + shipping.
Yukk!: Yukk! is a fast paced, easy to learn card game for 3-5 players. The object is to clean your plate first. But watch out for other players switiching plates, feeding the dog, and getting your parents upset. 3-5 players. About 10-15 minutes. $10.99 + shipping.