Fool! How dare you question me? Do you not know that I am Vacmatio, the Grand Malefactor, Leader of the Horde, and future ruler of your world?

Very well. Type your YES/NO question in the box below. I will consider it and answer with all of my vast wisdom.

A note from Alien Software: Vacmatio is the main bad guy of the Neophyte saga. "Ask Vacmatio" is intended as a humorous attempt at simulating a "Magic 8-Ball"(TM) online. You will not get useful information from the question typed here. It is a joke. It is not real. Do not type long, detailed questions expecting an intelligent answer as you will be dissapointed. The opinions reflected by Vacmatio in answer to your queries do not reflect those of Alien Software, its employees, or any sane person on Earth. Your mileage may vary. Contents may settle during shipping. Close cover before striking.